My dear friends, we love you so very much,



So many of you are asking, “When is this going to be over?” A better question might be, “Who will I be when this is over? How will I have grown? What improvements have I made inside of myself that will cause a happier resonance in my life in the future?”



For dark and difficult thought it might be for so many, this is a rare opportunity upon your planet earth for so many of you to dive deeply within your own spirit – to feel what you have not felt, to dream what you have not dreamed, to wish for the world you have not dared to wish for. There is no running from yourselves when emotions are running so strongly in the current of human consciousness. There is opportunity here – to heal, to love yourself, to create.



If you are bored, allow for the boredom. Sit with it. Feel the feelings that arise if you are not productive, not allowed to distract in the usual ways. Embrace yourself and love the parts of you that were previously stuffed into the back of your minds. It is time to heal these parts and send them into the light. Sit in silence if you can and see what arises because beneath the voices and feelings that need healing, are the seeds of your soul’s true desires. Deep within your heart of hearts, you may just connect with whatever it is you wish to create this lifetime. You may start to deepen your awareness of who you wish to be. Start by being that person now.



If you are instead, busy beyond measure, serving and assisting the masses, then get in touch with the angelic love in your heart that has placed you in a position to do so. Serve from this light, this depth, this love, and you will be protected by the very current that creates universe. Get in touch with and allow yourself to admire your ever-loving heart. Allow yourself to feel yourself as the hands, the eyes, the mind of God for those you serve.



Dear ones, this will be over soon enough. Life will gradually return to “normal” and yet nothing will ever be quite the same. You will be eternally more aware of your interconnectedness. You will be so much more grateful for the quiet ones who have always served you and form the pillars of your society. You will be more tolerant of those you once judge as you witness them now, not in their roles, but in the very depths of their humanity. You will know forever what is of greater value in your lives. You will crave more touch, more depth, and more real connection. You will want to feel value and purpose in your lives.



Who do you wish to be when this pandemic is over? Ponder that dear ones and then start to become that person now, for even if you are in solitude and silence, you can always “be” when you cannot “do.” You can always serve with your authentic light even if the service is a vibrational one of emanating your very own joy and peace.



We are proud of each and every one of you. Now is not the easiest time to be upon your planet earth. This event was not orchestrated by the heavens, nor was it caused by nefarious human beings. It was an attempt of other dimensional beings to stir up isolation and fear in order to survive. They are not succeeding dear ones. Your love does not allow them to posses your very beautiful human hearts.



You are emerging, not only as individuals, but as a race triumphant. Contemplate this – you, a cell in the body of the human race, are more important than ever now. Resolve to be the light that you are dear ones. Each of you is priceless, precious, and perfect in our eyes.



God Bless You! We love you so very much.— The Angels



傳導:Ann Albers

翻譯:Nick Chan


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