我們很高興看到你們中有多少人正確地使用了科技。 你們可以使用科技相互連接。 你們可以用它來獲取資訊,也可以用它向世界分享你們自己的一些方面。 你們可以用它非常有創意,你們可以用它們來幫助其他人,並聯繫到其他需要你們幫助的人。 你們中那些真正覺醒的人正在以這些積極的管道使用科技,你們正在通過使用科技幫助改變所有人類集體的集體意識。 與任何事物一樣,它從根本上是中性的,可以以正面的管道使用,但也可能會被過度使用、濫用,並用於促進負面的東西。


因此,使用你們的科技需要一定的辨別力,你們不能過於依賴科技,以至於你們忘記了你們有能力在你們自己內在完成這一切。 這是你們所有覺醒的人的下一步。 下一步是認識到你們不需要手機就可以和你們愛的人交流。 這是一種認知,你們可以下載任何你們需要的東西,並隨時為你們提供。


你們已準備好憑空創造,而不是使用3D印表機進行創造。 現在,你們可以比指尖上現有的科技水準更進一步。 科技可以在你們擁有所有這些小工具之前的位置和你們要去的地方之間架起一座橋樑,在那裡你們會把它們放在一邊,因為你們會意識到你們根本不需要它們。


那為什麼外星人仍然乘坐飛船旅行呢? 這是一個顯而易見的問題,我們有答案。 他們乘坐飛船旅行,因為他們喜歡一起旅行。 他們喜歡互相合作。 此外,這些飛船的目的是啟動看到船的人的某些東西。 因為你們看到了一艘或多艘飛船,你們會感覺更接近於完全的、開放的外星接觸。 因此,它們確實有很多用途。 有些飛船只是有機的; 他們是具有更高層次意識的人,他們想帶着他們的朋友到處走走。 同樣,這是一次集體體驗,一次與親人的共同創造活動。


有些飛船是由意識驅動的。 他們不需要任何燃料來源。 當你們意識到自己無處不在時,你們就不需要外部科技。 當你們意識到自己已經痊癒時,你們不需要任何東西來療癒你們,但目前有不同的療癒管道和科技可以幫助你們到達一個你們可以一勞永逸地說“我已經痊癒了,我知道”的地步,而且的確是這樣。


你們正在到達那裡; 你們正在到達心靈傳送、心靈感應,甚至是時間旅行的地步,所有這些都不需要機器。 因此,你們不必擔心你們現在作為一個社會的前進方向,因為這些只是讓你們到達真正目的地的墊腳石,而那些覺醒的人也許已經知道這一點,但需要提醒。 我們總是告訴你們放下設備出去。 你們不需要這個設備,你們確實需要將你們的振動轉移到一個更高的水準,一般來說,在外面會有助於你們做到這一點。






Is Your Technology Taking You to 5D? ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very pleased to see how many of you are using technology appropriately. You can use technology to connect with one another. You can use it to access information, and you can use it to share aspects of yourself to the world. You can be very creative with it, and you can use it to help other people and reach other people who are in need of your help. Those of you who are truly awake are using technology in these positive ways, and you are helping to shift the collective consciousness of all of the various human collectives through your use of technology. Like anything, it is fundamentally neutral, and it can be used in a positive way, but it can also be over-used, abused, and used to promote something that is negative.

Therefore, the use of your technology requires a certain amount of discernment, and you must not rely so heavily on technology that you forget that you have the power to do all of this within yourselves. That is the next step for all of you who are awake. The next step is to recognize that you don’t need a phone in order to communicate to a loved one. It is the recognition that you can download whatever you need and have it available to you at all times.

You are ready to create out of thin air, rather than using a 3D printer to create. You can go even further right now than the current level of technology that you have at your fingertips. And the technology is there to bridge your belief between where you were before you had all of these gadgets and where you are going, which is a place where you will set them aside because you will realize you don’t need them after all.

Why do e.t.s still travel in ships then? That’s an obvious question, and we have an answer. They travel in ships because they like to have an experience of traveling together. They like to co-create with each other. Also, the ships are meant to activate something in the one who is seeing the ship. You are meant to feel closer to full, open extra-terrestrial contact because of your sighting of a ship or ships. And so, they do serve many purposes. Some of the ships are organic; they are beings with higher level consciousness, and they want to carry their friends around. Again, it is to have a group experience, a co-creative event with loved ones.

Some ships are powered by consciousness. They need no fuel source whatsoever. You do not need exterior, external technology when you realize that you are everything and everywhere. You don’t need anything to heal you when you realize you are already healed, but for now different healing modalities and technologies exist to help you to get to that place where you can say once and for all, ‘I am healed, and I know it,’ and really mean it.

You are getting there; you are getting to the place of teleportation, telepathy, telekinesis, even time travel, all without the need for a machine. So you don’t have to worry about the direction you are all headed in right now as a society, because these are just stepping stones to get you to where you are really going, and those of you who are awake perhaps already knew this but needed the reminder. And we are always telling you to put down the device and go outside and this is why. You don’t need the device, but you do need to shift your vibration to a higher level, and being outside, generally speaking, will help you do that.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


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