我們已經被銀河系其他所有第九維度集體選中,成為向你們所有人宣佈,你們已經被選中,成為地球上一場運動的先鋒的人,成為這場運動將導致你們社會的震動。 現在,你們不會通過抗議來做這件事,也不會通過破壞財產來這樣做。 你們甚至不會通過發佈或為網路製作視頻來做到這一點。 你們將領導一場運動,通過作為一個覺醒的集體與你們對美好明天的願景走到一起,將你們的系統動搖到核心。


你們不只是在抱怨地球上生活的不公平,以及社會是如何不公平地建立起來偏袒少數人的。 你們是那些在你們出生之前就被選擇出來的人,他們有足够的意識去發現你們的社會中存在問題,並提出與拆除現有系統無關的解決方案。 你們的解決方案將來自於你們專注的能力,以及專注於創造一個適合每個人的社會的能力。


我們知道,你們中的許多人試圖通過創建一個有意識的社區,在較小的規模上做到這一點,但你們為全人類所持有的願景才是這一努力中真正重要的。 既然我們知道你們中的每一個人都會收到這則訊息,我們希望你們知道,我們將你們稱為一個個體,以及你們所屬的集體,這是由覺醒的靈魂組成的。 現在不是時候對自己說,“每個收到資訊的人都會承擔責任,集中精力。”


我們呼籲你們,作為我們的同事所選擇的人,讓這一切發生,我們希望你們感到自己有能力做到這一點,只需保持這種意願,集中精力,並保持你們對一個更美好社會的渴望的振動。 這是我們的目標,也是我們一直以來的目標,賦予你們力量,強調你們的優勢、你們的能力,並知道我們知道,你們是以許多關鍵管道領導人類的人。 你們仍然有時間在第四維度帶來你們想要看到的巨大變化。


所以,請不要等着期待什麼東西或某人來為你們打理它,而是要伸展你們擁有的肌肉,這些肌肉賦予你們創造整個世界、整個恒星系統和整個星系的權利和許可。 讓我們在第九維度中的所有人都看看你們能做什麼,只需稍微關注一下你們想在你們所處的社會中看到什麼就可以了。




You Were Chosen Before You Were Born ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. 

We have been chosen by all of the other ninth-dimensional collectives in the galaxy to be the ones who announce to all of you that you have been chosen to be the ones to spearhead a movement there on Earth that will result in the shaking up of your society. Now, you’re not going to do this by protesting, and you’re not going to do it by vandalizing property. You’re not even going to do it by posting, or making videos for the Internet. You are going spearhead a movement that will shake your systems to the core by coming together as an awakened collective with your vision of a better tomorrow.

You are not there to simply complain about the inequities of life on Earth and how unfairly society has been set up to favor the few. You are the ones who were chosen before you were even born to go forth and have enough awareness to see that there are problems in your society and to come up with solutions that have nothing to do with tearing down the existing systems in place. Your solutions will come from your ability to focus and to focus with the intention of creating a society that works for everyone. 

We know that many of you have attempted to do just that on a smaller scale by creating an intentional community, but the vision that you hold for all of humankind is what really matters in this endeavor. And since we know every single one of you who will receive this transmission, we want you to know that we are referring to you as an individual, as well as the collective you are a part of, which is comprised of awakened souls. Now is not the time to think to yourself that, ‘everyone else receiving the message will carry the weight and do the focusing.’ 

We are calling on you, as the ones who were chosen by our colleagues, to make this happen, and we want you to feel that you have the power to do this, simply by holding that intention, focusing, and maintaining the vibration of the desire that you have for a better society for all. It is our goal, and it always has been our goal, to empower you, to emphasize your strengths, your abilities, and the knowing that we have that you are the ones to lead humanity in so many pivotal ways. You still have time there in the fourth dimension to bring about the massive changes that you want to see. 

So please do not wait around for something or someone to take care of it for you, but rather, stretch those muscles that you have, the muscles that give you the right and the permission to create entire worlds, entire star systems, and entire galaxies. And show all of us here in the ninth dimension who are watching what you are capable of with just a little bit of focus and attention on what you want to see outside of you in the society that you are a part of.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


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