我們非常熱衷於看到你們所有人都非常關心他人以及你們世界中他人的命運。這總是會使你們擴展並變得更高的自我的東西是來自同情心。當你們向遭受苦難的人伸出援手時,你們將變得更加自我。同情心是對以下事實的充分認識: 在你們之外,什麼也沒有發生。你就是那個被虐待的人。這不只是你對那個人的感受。你們認知到,如果這發生在他們身上,那也是在你們身上,並且你們的世界所獲得的認可度從未像現在這樣高。




現在,為了使所有的同情心和熱情充滿活力,你們必須做的是,必須放開在乎別人的想法。所有人認為真實的事情,即每個人都需要自由, 平等, 尊敬, 並給予與其他人相同的機會。絕大多數人都同意這個真理,這是你們可以團結起來並共同努力的東西。










圖片提供:Karin Miller



Humans That Are Ready for Full E.T. Contact ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you

We are very enthusiastic about seeing all of you care so much about others and the fate of others on your world. What will always cause you to expand and become more of your higher self is compassion. When your hearts go out to those who are suffering, you become more of your whole self. Compassion is the full recognition of the truth that nothing and none of this is happening outside of you. You are that person who is being mistreated. It’s not just that you feel for that person. You recognize that if it’s happening to them, it’s happening to you, and that recognition has never been higher on your world than it is at this time.

People are passionate about the causes that they support because they are passionate about other humans being treated well, being given the same opportunities that they have been given in their lives. You all don’t have to agree about which groups are more oppressed. What’s really important is that you care. You all don’t have to agree about how to go about changing the injustices on your world. The fact that you are passionate about injustice summons more lifeforce energy through you.

Now, what you have to do in order for all of this compassion and passion to amount to something energetically is you must let go of caring about what someone else thinks. What others believe to be true is not nearly as important as your passionate stance that everyone needs to be free, equal, honored, respected, and given the same opportunities as everyone else. That truth is something the vast majority of people agree upon, and it is something you can come together about and work towards together.

Once you start to see that humanity is a collective, that you are not separate, and you are not separated by race, religion, and nationality, then you can start to make the real progress, the changes you all want to experience on your world. If you can stop getting hung up on who are the heroes and who are the villains, and agree that you would like to see real change on your world, that’s when you will start to see it. And you will see it happening faster and faster, because you are more powerful as a united collective than you are as a divided one.

That is why it is so important to turn your attention towards you and what you can do. It is time to put your attention on how you can come together with others to create the reality that is better for everyone. And when you do, you have more non-physical support, more extra-terrestrial support, and certainly more support from the aspect of you that is your higher self. You are never going to be your true self, as long as you are pushing against some person, some political party, some ideology, or some story that someone has made up and spread all over the internet.

You have to focus on you because you have control over you. You can focus on purpose. You can release resistance on purpose. You can feel and activate vibrations on purpose, and right now humanity needs more people who understand that and are willing to do something about the power that lies within each and every one of you, power that is even more powerful when you are coming together as a unified collective. That’s the version of humanity that physical, extra-terrestrial beings want to meet face to face and invite to join them in the galactic community.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


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