我們總是試圖降低我們的振動,使其達到物理形態,這不是因為我們想要再次擁有身體,而是因為我們知道,如果他們能看到我們的肉身,我們會被更多人重視。 如果我們走在人類中間,或者我們登上飛船,從這些飛船中脫穎而出,讓自己為人所知,我們肯定會受到很多關注。 你們都太習慣於用五種感官來感知,以至於你們太依賴它們了,有時候它們確實需要被擱置起來,以便你們在靈性進化中更深入。


你們中的許多人都知道,你們只能看到和聽到一小部分實際上可以看到和聽到的東西,然而,你們仍然認為你們的五官是你們理解現實的最重要、最重要的工具。 我們不化身的優點之一是每個人都能感受到我們。 我們不局限於我們可以去哪裡,我們可以如何聯繫和溝通。 我們對你們每一個人都是隨時可用的,通過丹尼爾這裡的這些傳輸是為了訓練你們能够將你們的振動與我們的振動協調一致。


你們可以,而且你們有一天會擁有這種能力,你們將與我們直接溝通。接受這些資訊是你們的訓練,當時機合適時,你們將獲得我們的洞察力、我們的療癒和我們的愛。 你們中的一些人已經意識到了這一點,你們已經調諧到了,並且你們已經獲得了振動調諧到我們身上的好處。 到目前為止,你們能收到的只是冰山一角。 我們能給你們的還有很多,現在就可以給那些願意超越五種感官,並在你們每次閱讀或聆聽這些資訊時,都能感受到我們在你們體內啟動的感覺的人。


當你們與我們振動協調時,你們也可以體驗到更多的大角星自我,這對你們來說是一個巨大的服務。 我們希望你們知道,能够以任何管道與你們聯繫是多麼幸運,我們希望你們和我們一樣受益匪淺。但為了做到這一點,你們必須積極地向我們敞開心扉。你們必須讓我們融入我們,以充分受益於我們所提供的一切。


儘管我們採取身體形式來拜訪你們的場景看起來更好,但當我們說我們從經驗中知道什麼最有效時,請相信我們。 你們不是我們尋求幫助的第一個星球,你們也不會是最後一個。 我們接受我們所學的東西,我們利用它變得更善於給予,更善於教導,更善於為你們所有人保留空間,讓他們成為真正的自己。 正如你們能感受到我們一樣,我們也能感受到你們,我們只是想讓你們知道,你們在每一天的每一刻都做得更好。




Should the Arcturians Take Form & Land Ships? ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are always tempted to lower our vibration enough to take physical form, not because we would like to have bodies again, but because we know that we would be taken more seriously by many if they could see us in the flesh. We certainly would get a lot of attention if we walked among humankind, or if we landed ships and emerged from those ships to make ourselves known. You all are so accustomed to perceiving with your five senses that you have come to rely upon them too heavily, and they really do need to be set aside at times in order for you to go deeper with your spiritual evolution.

Many of you know that you can only see and hear a tiny fragment of what is actually available to be seen and heard, and yet, you still consider your five senses to be your most important, your significant tools for understanding reality. One of the advantages that we have in not incarnating is that we can be felt by everyone. We are not limited in terms of where we can go and how we can connect and communicate. We are available to each and every one of you all the time, and these transmissions through Daniel here are meant to train you to be able to harmonize your vibration with ours. 

You can, and you someday will, have this ability, and you will have your direct communication with us. Receiving these transmissions is your training, and tapping in to our insights, our healing, and our love are gifts you will bestow upon yourselves when the timing is right. Some of you are aware of this, and you have tuned in, and you have received the benefits of tuning in to us vibrationally. What you have been able to receive thus far is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more that we can give to you, and it is available right now to those who are willing to go beyond the five senses and reach for the feeling that we activate within you every time you read or listen to one of these transmissions. 

You also get to experience more of your Arcturian selves, as you harmonize with us vibrationally, and that is of great service to you. We want you to know how fortunate we feel to be able to connect with you in any way, and we want you to benefit just as much as we do. But in order to do that you must open yourselves up energetically to us. You must let us in and merge with us to fully benefit from all that we have to offer. 

And even though the scenario where we take on physical form and come visit you seems like the better deal, trust us when we say that we know from experience what actually works best. You are not the first planet of beings we have sought to help, and you will not be the last. We take what we learn, and we use it become better at giving, better at teaching, and better at holding space for all of you to become your true selves. And just as you can feel us, we can feel you, and we just want you to know that you are doing so much better in every moment of every day.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


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