Greetings dearest ones! I AM Uriel, I AM Archangel of Love and Silver Light, I AM Bringer of the bright and peaceful future in this now moment, I am your family and close friend.




I come today to speak to thee about the power of now. I come to talk to you about the empowerment of your sweet selves. For what am I saying when I speak to thee about bringing the future into this now moment? I am saying it is to really know that you do have that future, that all that you desire is right here in front of you, and that you are powerful and strong enough to bring it into your reality.




You’ve heard this truth many times and in so many inspiring and beautiful ways, but you have only been able to see bits and pieces of that which you wanted to manifest. You have felt that there is still so much resistance that needs to be overcome, that you still have to work very hard to achieve some of what you want, and that you have to conquer so many obstacles and blockages that were placed in your way.




Well, in your brilliance and wisdom, you are grasping the truth that the only real work to be done is to surrender and to let go of the remaining debris of misconstructions and falsehoods, and that the hard work was there only because you had to work against yourselves, even when apparently there were others “out there” challenging you and slowing you down.




And so you now realize that you have the power and the control to remove the falsehoods present within you, and then the problems reflected back to you from outside yourselves will melt away and disappear like magic.




There are negative, heavy, and dense energies that need to be released and transmuted, and you are doing an outstanding job in recognizing and removing them. You are filling the empty space with parts of your wondrous selves that are constantly expanding with the pure light that you are, and this is a very smooth and easy process.




What may be difficult at times for you to recognize are parts and aspects of yourselves that are not flowing as easily and brightly – your past that has been in the shadows and at the negative pole of the spectrum. These parts of you are coming to you to be loved and accepted back into the totality of who you are. But unfortunately, you have been keeping them silenced, and for the longest time you have refused to acknowledge them as being parts of you.




People that upset and challenge you come to bring to your awareness the mere existence of parts of yourselves that carry similar traits, even though it may be only in tiny amounts. Nevertheless you need to heal and neutralize them, then thank them for the negative experiences they went through to enrich your soul, and welcome them back and love them.




For the most part you have avoided and refused to get engaged with the ones bringing you these gifts. You’ve judged and condemned them and therefore pulled away from them, for you couldn’t see that they were parts of you coming home to stay and be loved.




But now you have that deep knowing that they are all part of you, for there is nothing out there that is not within as well, and that therefore you, with your magnificent loving hearts, can finally welcome everything and everyone into the wholeness . . . now!




Beloved and brave brothers of mine, set the intention to bring home all parts and aspects of yourselves, from every dimension and reality! Let them complete you and enrich the totality of who you are, and then see how easy it is to live the highest vision of your future, and how easily you are manifesting all that you ever desired, your piece of heaven on earth.




I will leave you now with sparkles of Silver Light and with my deepest love! Farewell!




通靈:Genoveva Coyle

翻譯:Nick Chan



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