我們在這個時候給自己一個休息和放鬆的機會,因為我們理解動力的力量,我們知道從我們一直在探索的東西中創造了足够的動力,讓我們有機會後退一步,享受我們所創造的動力。 我們也明白,每當我們把能量投入宇宙時,同一個宇宙與我們的能量輸出相匹配,因此,我們明白,我們真的不需要自己去做。


甚至我們在第九維度也有幫助。 有更高維度的集體在幫助我們擴展和進化。 現在,當你們在維度圖騰柱上的時候,你們有那麼多的存有和集體在幫助你們所有人,你們有在地球上前世創造的動力,你們可以依靠。 你們也一直很忙,總是在做,總是在努力,所有消耗的能量都會在這個時候回到你們身上。


考慮到所有這些,你們不認為你們可以放鬆並放手嗎? 難道你們不認為你們可以少奮鬥,少做事,多依靠你們所擁有的一切,因為你們仍然存在嗎? 你們甚至不需要做任何事情來領取獎品。 你們甚至不需要首付。 你們可以敞開心扉,接受即將到來的東西,因為你們有動力。 作為一個宇宙,我們共同擁有巨大的動量。 我們都可以分享集體的動力,讓我們都螺旋上升,讓我們越來越接近源頭,越來越接近真正的自我,成為無限永恆的愛與光的存在。


我們歡迎你們加入我們的休息和放鬆狀態,因為這是你們應得的。 我們都贏得了休息,而正是通過休息,你們往往會獲得巨大的洞察力。 當你們不去嘗試,不去做,完全放棄你們一直在努力的事情時,你們往往會得到最好的想法。 這是人類喘息的最佳時機。 讓你們在那裡付出的一切回到你們的身邊,並知道總會有時間去做更多的行動,更多的創造,更多你們還沒有夢想的東西。


我們正在一起擴展,所以請花點時間感受一下; 畢竟,這是你們的擴展。




The Power of Momentum is on Your Side ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. 

We are giving ourselves a chance to rest and relax at this time, because we understand the power of momentum, and we know that there has been enough momentum created from what we have been exploring to give us this opportunity to step back a bit and enjoy the momentum that we know we have created. We also understand that whenever we put energy out into the universe, that same universe matches our energetic output, and so, we understand that we truly do not have to do it all ourselves.  

Even we have help here in the ninth dimension. There are higher-dimensional collectives that are helping us to expand and evolve. Now, being where you are on the dimensional totem pole, you have so very many beings and collectives that are helping all of you, and you have momentum that was created in previous lifetimes there on Earth that you can rely upon. You also have been very busy, always doing, always efforting, and all of that energy expended is coming back to you at this time. 

Given all of that, don’t you think that you can relax and let go? Don’t you think that you can struggle less, do less, and rely more upon all that you have coming back to you by virtue of the fact that you still exist? You don’t even have to do anything to claim your prizes. You don’t even need a downpayment. You can just open up and receive what is coming to you by virtue of the fact that you have momentum. We, collectively, as a universe, have a great deal of momentum. We can all share in the collective momentum that keeps us all spiraling up, keeps us all moving closer and closer to Source and to our true selves as infinite and eternal beings of love and light.

We welcome you to join us in our state of resting and relaxing, because you’ve earned it. We’ve all earned a break, and it is by taking a break that you often gain tremendous insight. You often get your best ideas when you’re not trying, when you’re not doing, and when you completely let go of whatever it is you’ve been striving for all that time. It is the perfect time for a respite for humanity. Let what you’ve put out there come back to you, and know that there will always be time for more action, more creation, more of what you have yet to even dream up. 

We are expanding together, so please take a moment and feel for it; it is your expansion, after all, for the taking.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


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