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現在,你們中的許多人對你們想要從那些脈輪啟動中得到什麼有非常具體的要求,而其他人不知道他們正在要求啟動脈輪,但我們知道並且你們的指導靈確切地知道你們需要什麼,不管你們請求的是什麼。啟動是一項集體努力,我們與你們的指導者和你們的高我合作,為你們提供你們所請求的。收到啟動後,你們可能不知道自己新發現的力量,直到你們花時間收聽並   查看可用的內容。因此,我們建議你們每天執行這個操作。也就是說,你們可能現在沒有能力,或者不能在你們的生活中表現出一些東西,但並不意味著你們下一刻就不能。









Your Newly Activated Chakras & Untapped Abilities ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very eager to receive humanity’s next set of desires and requests for help. We are always looking for more ways in which we can help, and we are always excited to hear from any of you who feel compelled to reach out to us for our assistance. We like having a purpose, and we like feeling as though we are a part of your physical existence there on Earth. In recent weeks and months, we have been getting a lot of requests from all of you for help with activating more of the chakras that you have inside your main chakra system.

Now, many of you have very specific requests about what you want from those chakra activations, and others don’t know that they are asking for a chakra activation, but we know and your guides know exactly what you need, no matter what it is you are asking for. The activations are a group effort, and we work with your guides and your higher selves to give you what you are asking for. Once you have received the activation, you may not know about your newfound power until you take the time to tune in and see what is available to you. Therefore, we recommend that you do this on a daily basis. In other words, just because you haven’t had an ability, or you haven’t been able to manifest something into your lives doesn’t mean that you are unable to in the very next moment.

You must have faith in yourselves and trust in the process of your continued spiritual evolution, and just know that we are all giving you what is most appropriate for you to receive at all times. But then you must master the gift, the power, the new ability that you have been given access to. And mastery takes time, focus, patience, attention. You also must believe in your ability to master whatever it is that you have asked for and been given. Some people give up too soon on themselves, even though they have all the capability that they desire. It’s not necessarily easy to utilize your newly activated chakra or chakras, but the time spent in achieving mastery is well worth it. And you will gain so much more clarity about what else you need and what else you want as you put forth the time and energy and create the space to achieve that mastery, to access that gift, to work on your manifestation ability.

We can tell you all who are receiving this transmission that we have heard from all of you who have reached out and that we are not holding anything back. We advise you to dig deep and feel into what is available to you right now, and we know that you will not be disappointed.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


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