I come on the wings of love! Throughout this planet, the energies of disclosure are encouraging many people to be more vigilant in what they watch and listen to. They are becoming more diligent in not accepting what is given to them on former trusted platforms as the true state of affairs of the subject matter being discussed. They are perceiving blatant lies told to them by their duly appointed government representatives. They also question these representatives of the people and are finding these individuals are coming up short on their promises and statements that never seem to actually manifest in their reality.



Those individuals who relied on the former systems of control over the world’s population through covert programming are finding that they no longer work and so, for the first time in thousands of years, they are having to justify and answer for their actions and decisions made without consulting with the people whom they were elected to represent. Their system of control is crumbling around them and they are being held accountable for the actions they have taken or participated in. The powerful cosmic energies of these times make all dishonesty clearly obvious to the people of this planet Earth. More and more people are not buying into the ‘narratives’ that they are feeding to the public.



Be at peace, Dear Ones, live, laugh and love with gusto! Life in a human body is meant to be tasted, embraced and experienced! It is therefore necessary to be a part of all that is in your immediate environment, to be in the moment of each experience with mindfulness. Do not put off and wait for another day to have your new beginning, for it is happening at this very moment. You are participating in the most miraculous times of massive transformation and this is a rare opportunity to bask in the moment to moment fluctuations as they occur. Wonderful possibilities and directions for your life experience exist and your clarity of understanding is leading you to direct your own destiny into a shining reality.



We see that you are tired and long for this process to come to a conclusion and the fact that old feelings from times of youth are surfacing means that this cleansing process is almost complete. Picture brilliant little suns shining and spinning in each of your 7 major chakras and hold this image for a few moments several times each day. This accelerates the cleansing process and will keep reminding you that you are a shining Light in this world! You are moving into the higher realms of consciousness, the true source of your personal power and into a deeper understanding of your eternal identity. There are some moments when this connection leads you to important revelations regarding your purpose for incarnating during these times.



You who are reading this are here on this planet to keep the rampant energies in balance by maintaining your high frequency level and consciousness. Stay calm and hold the space of love and peace for the rest of humanity. When you are at peace within yourself, you also create this in the world around you. When people move beyond self interest and allow compassion to flow through their hearts and their spirit, they are allowing the Divine to be in the world with them. When the Divine moves its influence in the world, positive and peaceful changes can take place. Everyone has a vital spark of the Divine within them and it is this spark that is now igniting within the hearts of the people throughout the world and this spark will catch fire as it spreads its radiance across the planet. The world and its people are being renewed, rejuvenated and regenerated.



I AM Hilarion





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