The Child: Father, what is the quickest way to attain being in the Now?



The Sun: It is known that human beings love shortcuts because mind works that way, but the question is significant. Although you are asking for a method , the mind is , because the mind needs endless methods and exercises and complicated answers to resolve things for which it doesn’t even have a definition , still there is such a way to attain to being in the Now.



It requires no effort and no methods, no special classes or training. The school is your life and your experiences .



All you need is a sincere profound desire and a true understanding that you reached by yourself after experimentation as in why you want to be in the now. If you have these two you are probably already in the now. In that very moment . It’s instantaneous.



Once you understood how futile going back and forth in your mind is and how much energy is wasted in these imaginary travels that could otherwise be used in being stabilised in the present moment you will release naturally all resistance. Remember , you will release your resistance to being in the now naturally. You do not run away from now moment, you resist it . When you re-run past events, wishing them to have never left or worried they would come back and ruin you future plans , you are not running from the now, you simply resist it. The now moment pulls you continuously into facing something of enormous importance which is yourself. Now moment is not related to events which are always external but is related entirely to you. Your reaction to external events is a mirror of where you are and how you live internally, if you are re-running old stories and fears or if you allow yourself to react out of the spontaneity of your now . This happens because, to be in the now is your natural state of being. When you are relaxed in yourself, in silence , just you and your breathing , in your environment , you simply enter into a natural communion with yourself and the universe. And this does not require any methods. It will not be dazzling, it will not be what you call extraordinary event, on the contrary, it will never attract attention to it.



The more you will use your mind trying this method or that method to attain to now the further you will be from it and from you and the more you will tire your mind. But even that is not a bad thing because in the end after you will have tried everything that can be possibly tried maybe then you will let all that effort go and just relax in the everlasting moment of now.



The child : Why is being in the now so important ?



The Sun: The Now moment connects you to universal life, to universal love. Being In the now means you are moving and transforming with the entire creation and you are aware of this. You are happening with it and you are co- creating with it. This is what it means to be conscious part, co-creator with all seen and unseen existence . It is something really that simple. You are born with this. When you are in the now you are suddenly aware of this and it happens naturally, the co-creation , the being , the joy, the serenity, the love. When you are in the mind, running into the past and then rushing into the future , never satisfied, worried , you cannot be aware any longer not even of your own functioning let alone of the universal transformations. When you are in the now , living in harmony with all life in all its perceived manifestations you will no longer speak about it and question it. Because Life had absorbed you back into its weaving. It’s like a living death of the old ego because once you are integrated back into the sacred heart of the universe and connected to it there will be nobody left to speak out. Would a tree ever draw attention to him saying , ” look at me I have the oldest roots, I have been here before all of you ?!” Once you are in the now and reconnected to your true nature you will find the meaning of real joy , and you will find joy in being in the vast unknown that is the moment of now and you will find joy in feeling ” suspended ” in no time because the concept of time is abolished when you are in the now. You still perceive and participate in the mechanics of your world but its reality would feel staged and you will laugh.



You might not be able to describe it in words but those around you will feel and be transformed by the light emanated from you.



Attaining to now can happen right here and right now in the deep acknowledgment of your heart that all running is like dust in the wind. All methods are just crutches meant to bring you closer to when you can finally walk alone and let go. And when you finally let go and stand alone with no crutches, alone in the immense wilderness and wondrousness of the universe, you will realise that you have never been alone and that from each corner you are showered with love and welcomed by all your brothers and sisters . To reach the deep understanding that all running in the mind is futile and just the opposite of what you are looking for is already an important step in giving the mind a well deserved rest.



The child : In this world what is the most evolutionary version of now to work with ?



The Sun : In this world, to be in the now is like having peripheral vision. Is to be aware of both infinite potentialities -past and future-and still to be anchored in the present, to always react out of the present and to always love out of the present, without fear. When you are anchored in the present, reacting out of your present , you are always altering its continuous and by altering your present you are continuously altering your past and your future to their never ending best versions.




傳導:Mia Pal

翻譯:Nick Chan


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